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Customized Special Education Services

Our core services focus on three aspects of K-12 school structure:

Putting effective behavior management policies in place in all of these organizational levels and maintaining those policies over time is necessary to effect real improvement in a school. It is important to realize that taking such steps also contributes greatly to the behavioral success achieved by those students who require Special Education services.

Safe & Civil Schools can provide the professional development that will help you achieve school improvement goals in Special Education settings.

For example, we recently designed a customized series for staff working in self-contained adaptive behavior classrooms for a large district in the West. After identifying the district's criteria, we set up a series of three to four day workshops with teachers and support staff providing training in such topics as:

We followed these workshops with additional days of site visits to help with content training and program evaluation. Discussions continued with the district team to determine the strengths of the program and how best to improve it.

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