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Earn Professional Development Credits with Safe & Civil Schools

We are extremely pleased to work with the educators at Chapman University in providing an opportunity for K-12 administrators and staff to earn graduate-level credit for attending our seminars. Depending on the seminar, you can earn from 1 to 3 credits.

RSafe & Civil Schools is part of the “Digging Deeper” program with Brandman University’s Extended
Education department. These credits are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement such as salary increment steps and recertification.

Be sure to check with your district or state certification program to make sure these credits will be accepted.

To learn more about this opportunity, visit the Chapman University website.

In addition to Foundations, Chapman will award credits for CHAMPS, Interventions, and Teach All, Reach All.

If you would like further information or if you cannot find the course you are looking for, call 800.632.0094 or visit the Freuqently Asked Questions page.