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Interventions – Individual Positive Behavior Support (Response to Intervention (RTI) for Behavior)

Do you have students in your schools who are chronically disrespectful, physically assaultive, disruptive, or unresponsive? Are teachers spending too much time correcting the behavior of a very few very difficult students?

You can change that.

A consistent, district-based behavior management plan supported by your entire staff can help you:

Safe & Civil Schools can help you achieve these benefits throughout your district.

•••Implementing Interventions

A Safe & Civil Schools associate will train your general education teaching staff to consistently and comprehensively implement an agreed-upon set of Tier I interventions in the early stages of misbehavior. Additional days of training target district special education teachers, support staff, and intervention planning teams. These additional days focus on how to work collaboratively with teachers to implement Tier II interventions that address a variety of misbehaviors executed by students with intensive needs — from physically dangerous or disruptive behavior to chronic interruptions or poor work habits.

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