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Comprehensive Staff Development

Safe & Civil Schools offers a full range of staff development services that bring over three decades of research into today's classrooms using the focused content of the Safe & Civil Schools series. Through world-class workshops, inservice trainings, keynotes, and coaching, our associates have helped transform school districts nationwide. They have the experience and expertise to bring lasting positive change to your school.

As successful teachers and administrators in some of the country’s most challenging districts, our associates are uniquely qualified to tailor a program to fit your needs. Instead of painting your school with a one-size-fits-all brush, we customize a plan to your specific needs, whether districtwide, schoolwide, in the classroom, or for individual students. Training ranges from a concentrated one-day inservice to multiyear projects. No two schools, no two classrooms are alike and each Safe & Civil Schools program respects and reflects that.

•••Training Focus

Safe & Civil Schools professional development targets three core focus areas: an entire school (or district), a classroom, and individual students who display challenging behaviors.

District/Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (Foundations)

The top of the triangle representing our schoolwide training.Our district and schoolwide professional development draws schools and districts together to make meaningful improvements in climate, safety, and connectedness. By helping staff adopt a common vocabulary and approach, use data-driven decision making, supervise common areas, and so forth, our associates weave various strands of behavior management into a cohesive whole without taking away teachers’ most essential assets for effectiveness—their individuality and personal touch.

Classroom Management

The middle of the triangle representing our classroom training.Our classroom management staff development helps teachers design (or fine tune) behavioral plans that fit their personal styles and the needs of their students. Your teachers will learn how to teach students to behave responsibly and how to instill a desire in their students to be productive and positive contributors. Built on respect for the dignity and worth of every child, our strategies are effective because they are data-driven and grounded in the most current research.

Individual Student Response to Intervention (Interventions)

The bottom of the triangle representing training to help with individual students.The most challenging students present an array of disruptive behavior — from resistance to defiance — that cuts into the learning time of others. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our associates will train your staff to analyze the motivations behind these acting-out behaviors and offer straightforward strategies for replacing them with responsible and respectful behaviors. Through simple yet powerful principles — structuring for success, teaching expectations, observing and monitoring, interacting positively, and correcting calmly — your staff can learn to dispel problems and at the same time create solutions to improve the climate of the entire classroom.

•••Training Models

Choose a training format that best meets your needs:


These are comprehensive, multiyear training sequences that involve a series of training days stretched over one to three years. In addition to training days, our associates spend several days on site conducting walkthroughs and observations. Foundations, CHAMPs, and Interventions are topics that lend themselves to this model. Educators across the country are currently implementing Safe & Civil Schools projects in urban, suburban, and rural districts.


These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can build a workshop on any topic relating to behavior management. For instance, choose a one- to multiple day inservice, a summertime training, or a half-day training for early-release days... or, build your own!

•••Training Topics

Safe & Civil Schools can tailor a workshop or inservice training on a variety of topics. The following list is just a sample.

Learn more about how Safe & Civil Schools can help you design and implement exciting and effective professional development for your entire staff! Please call us at 1-800-323-8819 and speak with one of our staff development coordinators!