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Back-to-School Checklists

Start your school year off proactively and positively with these suggestions from Safe & Civil Schools!

Checklists put us in a planful state of mind! And without a comprehensive plan in place, it is easy to lose your bearings and end up somewhere you don't want to be—namely with a disorganized school or a chaotic classroom.

Research on effective schools has shown us that PBIS strategies— like those embodied in Randy Sprick's STOIC approach (see sidebar)—offer us the best opportunities for managing student behavior.

But to implement STOIC strategies requires reflection and planning! We offer these checklists as a kickstart to your thought processes— tasks that will get you started on an effective path to a proactive, positive, and instructional school year.

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Safe & Civil Schools can help educators develop better management strategies in schools—strategies that can transform a school or classroom environment. Create school climates that are responsible, respectful, and productive. Create school cultures that are collegial, cooperative, and civil.

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