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Stephens Middle School

Results of Start on Time Implementation

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Increase in Attendance

Attendance Results "Average Actual Attendance last year was 95%. This year, attendance has averaged at the 97% level, which translates to over 32,000 instructional minutes gained."

Decrease in Referrals

Referral Results "Last year, there were 3,196 referrals to the office. Projected out through the remainder of this year, there will be 1,050 referrals—a 67% reduction."

Decrease in Tardies

Average Tardies/Day "Last year, we had an average of 250 tardies per day. Currently, the average has dipped to 70 per day—a 72% decrease."


School Characteristics

Community Setting:   Urban
Grade Range:   6th – 8th
Total Student Population:   1,522
Total Staff:   111

Student Ethnicity

60%   Hispanic
20%   African American
18%   Asian/Pacific Islander
  2%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian
>1%   Native American

Student Economic Status

92% of students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Special Education Services

10% of students receive Special Education Services.