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South Heights Elementary

Results of Foundations & CHAMPs Implementation

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Increase in Attendance and Academic Progress

Graphs showing increases in attendance rate and academic progress. "We have seen a dramatic improvement across the board in student attendance, staff attendance, and academic progress."

Decrease in Referrals

Graphs showing decreases in overall office referrals and in the number of students with four or more referrals. "Between the 2000-01 and 2002-03 school years, office referrals dropped from 413 to 236—a 43% reduction. Office referrals jumped up in 2004 because there were five teachers out on leave that year and the substitutes had not been taught CHAMPs procedures."

Decrease in Expulsions

Graph showing decrease in expulsions. "We went from a school with the most suspensions and expulsions in the district to the school with the least."


School Characteristics

Community Setting:   Urban
Grade Range:   PK – 5th
Total Student Population:   417
Total Staff:   70

Student Ethnicity

81%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian
17%   African American
  2%   Other

Student Economic Status

76% of students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Special Education Services

10% of students receive Special Education Services.