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McLoughlin Middle School

Results of Foundations & CHAMPs Implementation

Graph showing results of McLoughlin's Foundations implementation.

"In one year’s time, we went from 6,007 referrals to 2,078, and at the end of the second year, the total number of referrals was 850—an 85 percent reduction in two years’ time. Although the numbers are impressive, they are not the only measure of success. Implementing our schoolwide discipline process changed the climate from tense and edgy to safe and welcoming."
—Quote from A Blueprint for Safe and Civil Schools by Cynda Rickert, Principal


School Characteristics

Community Setting:   Suburban
Grade Range:   6th – 8th
Total Student Population:   900
Total Staff:   95

Student Ethnicity

80%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian
16%   Hispanic
  2%   Native American   1%   African American
  1%   Asian/Pacific Islander

Student Economic Status

48% of students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.