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Fort Bend Independent School District

Results of CHAMPS Implementation

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Decrease in Referrals

Graph showing reductions in referrals as a result of the Safe & Civil Schools CHAMPS implementation.

Improvement in School Climate

Graph showing effects on school climate.

CHAMPS Training

"Implementing CHAMPS into Fort Bend classrooms is a three-year district-wide initiative. Fifty-one of seventy Fort Bend campuses have been trained in the CHAMPS Classroom Management system. Thirty campuses were trained in the 2008-09 school year, twenty-one campuses received CHAMPS training in 2009-10 and the remaining 19 campuses are scheduled for training in the 2010-11 school year.

"Fort Bend ISD has experienced much success with the CHAMPS initiative. The total number of level one discipline referrals for CHAMPS campuses has decreased. The elementary CHAMPS campuses showed a decrease from 11, 962 to 10, 475 level one discipline referrals. While the middle school CHAMPS campuses did not show a total decrease in level one referrals, three of the eight campuses did show a decrease in numbers and two of the eight campuses have shown a steady decline in level one discipline referrals. Furthermore, all of the high school CHAMPS campuses showed a decrease in level one discipline referrals from 36, 793 to 28,429."
—Annual Report on CHAMPS Implementation, Fort Bend ISD


District Characteristics

Community Setting:   Suburb, Large
Grade Range:   Pre-K – 12
Total Student Population:   68,507
Total Staff:   8,894

Student Ethnicity

31.5%   African American
    .2%   American Indian/Alaskan Native
21.5%   Asian/Pacific Islander
23.7%   Hispanic
23.1%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian

Student Economic Status

31% of students are classified as Economically Disadvantaged.

Student At-Risk Status

43% of students are classified as At Risk.

Special Education Services

7% of students receive Special Education Services.


"We are very excited that the discipline referrals have dropped so dramatically in such a short amount of time! As well, it is no coincidence that we have attained exemplary status for the first time in many years! Certainly much of our success can be attributed to our teachers and staff and their fidelity in implementing CHAMPS consistently throughout our building. Lexington Creek has a calm, yet engaging environment, in which all students are able to achieve!"
—Dawn Westfall, Assistant Principal, Lexington Creek Elementary