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Brookside Intermediate School

Results of Foundations Implementation

Graph showing results of Brookside's Foundations implementation.

"Although hallway behavior and arriving to class on time have been the main focus of the process, other indicators suggest that the change may not be limited to tardiness. For instance, up to this point in time last year, the school made 24 referrals to the Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP). To date this year, they have sent 15. Last year 26 percent of students sent to DAEP from our district's eight intermediate schools came from our school. As of the end of the first semester this year, only 8 percent of intermediate school students at DAEP were from there. They have seen a decrease in DAEP referrals this year, while many of our other intermediate schools have not."
—District Coordinator of Special Education


School Characteristics

Community Setting:   Suburban
Grade Range:   6th – 8th
Total Student Population:   1221
Total Staff:   76

Student Ethnicity

58%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian
19%   Hispanic
13%   African American
  9%   Asian/Pacific Islander
  1%   Native American

Student Economic Status

20% of students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Special Education Services

10% of students receive Special Education Services.