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Beechgrove Elementary School

Results of Foundations Implementation

Graph showing results of Beechgrove's Foundations implementation.

"...I have never seen anything better that can be adapted to any teacher. It is remarkable how children will behave when they know what is expected and that nothing else will be accepted. It takes a lot of planning and teaching up front, but the instruction time that is saved later is worth it. I love that it is data driven so people are not arguing what the problem is, the data tells you. I think it is important that people know that this program is not about keeping children under control, it is about teaching children how to control their own behavior."
—First Grade Teacher


School Characteristics

Community Setting:   Suburban
Grade Range:   Pre-K – 5th
Total Student Population:   630
Total Staff:   88

Student Ethnicity

97%   Non-Hispanic Caucasian
  3%   Other

Student Economic Status

47% of students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Special Education Services

10% of students receive Special Education Services.