Randy Sprick's Safe & Civil Schools – Practical Solutions, Positive Results!

Compatibility with Research Literature

All of the techniques and strategies described in the Safe & Civil Schools library are well documented in the research literature.

•••Policy Recommendations

Periodically, a university department, governmental office, or philanthropic foundation will study a particular issue (e.g., dropout prevention) and issue a report on their findings. Often, the report identifies best practice and offers recommendations for policy makers to consider.

Follow the links below for information about how the Positive Behavior Support models generated by Safe & Civil Schools align with the best practices recommended in these reports.

•••Research Summaries

The links below offer papers that summarize current research and delineate the position that Safe & Civil Schools occupies within that research.

•••Research Base

Safe & Civil Schools materials teach about the current research base in much the same way as a college-level text on behavior management does. Volumes in the Safe & Civil Schools library collect and condense research findings, presenting them in user-friendly, practical language that makes the research accessible to practitioners.

The following reference lists identify the research on which these books and programs are grounded.