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Links to Behavioral Sites

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Partnership for Behavior Success — Region 13 Service Center
Austin, TX — We began working with Region 13 about seven years ago. Since then, in response to numerous successes in schools throughout the region, their Positive Behavior Support program has grown. This website describes their current services.

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Pacific Northwest Publishing
Pacific Northwest Publishing publishes the Safe & Civil Schools series and other materials related to managing behavior and providing effective instruction.

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The Behavior Home Page
This website provides useful ideas and resources for teachers, parents, and other professionals who work with students with challenging behaviors. It contains articles, descriptions of programs, and information on special education law.

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice
The Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice promotes national preparedness to foster the development and adjustment of children with (or at risk of developing) serious emotional disturbance. Their website has useful information on issues, resources, and products related to this topic.

Institute on Violent and Destructive Behavior
This website provides up-to-date information on resources, research, and programs related to the prevention of violence and other behaviors that are dangerous or destructive. Dr. Hill Walker and Dr. Jeff Sprague (University of Oregon) run the Institute.

National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice
This website aids in the designing of effective programs to meet the needs of youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system by disseminating collaborative research and by providing training and technical assistance.

National School Safety Center
The National School Safety Center promotes strategies, promising practices, and programs that support safe schools. Their website provides quality information, resources, consultation, and training services.