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Safe & Civil Schools Evidence Base

Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, school districts around the country have been encouraged to use programs that are “scientifically proven” to effectively improve academic and behavioral outcomes for students. The meaning of “scientifically proven,” however, is still under discussion.

The U. S. Department of Education maintains that the only way to determine whether a program is effective is to subject it to rigorous testing using randomized controlled trials that can be replicated and that are conducted over time. (U. S. Department of Education) Other authorities, realizing the difficulties and expense involved in conducting such testing, have opted for less stringent definitions.

Safe & Civil Schools offers the following evidence to prove the efficacy of its programs and materials. Please visit the links below.

In addition, we offer the following resources for your information. These topics do not necessarily prove the efficacy of the Safe & Civil Schools approach, but you may find them useful.

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