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Annual Report: CHAMPS, 2009-10

The following excerpt delineates findings from an evaluation conducted by the Fort Bend Independent School District on the effectiveness of a CHAMPS implementation. The complete report is available as a PDF.

CHAMPS is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. Implementing CHAMPS into Fort Bend classrooms is a district-wide initiative that helps teachers establish clear expectations with logical and fair responses to student misbehavior. CHAMPS allows teachers to spend less time disciplining and more time teaching. Teachers are equipped with a design to teach students how to behave responsibly and be productive contributors. Because misbehavior impacts academics, efforts to promote discipline must be directly aligned with academics. Students’ unmet needs will impact behavior. Many times we punish the “neediest” students. The CHAMPS positive approach to classroom management will help campuses and teachers establish common goals, guidelines for success, positive expectations, and motivate students to succeed. CHAMPS is a research-based prevention and intervention that is implemented as a TIER I intervention.

The outcomes from the CHAMPS initiative were communicated positively throughout the district. Baseline discipline referral data was collected on CHAMPS campuses. The total number of level one discipline referrals for CHAMPS campuses decreased at the elementary and high school level.

Thirty of the 38 elementary campuses, three of the eight middle school campuses and four of the four high school campuses showed a decrease in level one disciplinary referrals from 2008-09 to 2009-10.

Download a PDF of the complete report.