Randy Sprick's Safe & Civil Schools – Practical Solutions, Positive Results!

Safe & Civil Schools Materials: Proactive, Positive, and Instructional

Dr. Randy Sprick and colleagues provide evidence-based procedures for reducing misbehavior, increasing motivation, and improving levels of student responsibility. These materials provide a library of support for staff in all roles, including:

The Safe & Civil Schools Series includes books and multimedia presentations that address Tier 1, 2, and 3. Supports and interventions are provided for each of these levels:

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The Tough Kid Series: Manage and Motivate Tough-To-Teach Students

Dr. Bill Jenson and colleagues provide practical, evidence-based strategies for the Tough Kid—lovable but challenging kids who can make or break the instructional day. The Tough Kid Series includes instructional routines for students whose challenges include noncompliance, off-task behavior, and lack of social skills.

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Explicit Instruction with Dr. Anita Archer

Dr. Anita Archer has added her instructional expertise to our network of evidence-based support for effective classroom management and instruction. She has captured routines for instructional excellence in both book and video formats. Dr. Archer's materials help teachers and instructional support staff design and deliver effective lessons that increase the learning and engagement of all students across subject areas and grade levels.

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