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May 2017

A Powerful Management Tool

By Randy Sprick and Randi Saulter

Research suggests that students are more likely to behave well and work hard to meet teachers’ expectations when the student-teacher relationship is a positive and respectful one. Build a plan for connecting with a specific student. This connection will increase the student’s motivation to be successful both behaviorally and academically. This process may eliminate the need to implement more intensive interventions with a high-risk student.

If you implement a plan for connecting with a student for at least 2 weeks and it is not effective, you have learned at least one important thing—this is a chronic problem. The problem is resistant to your basic management plan, a plan that works for most students.  The student you targeted did not respond to an organized plan to enhance your relationship.  It is time to move on to the hard work of developing a function-based intervention. In such a case:

Read more about this idea in CHAMPS: A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management (2nd ed.).

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