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January 2017

Happy New Year!

By Randy Sprick and Randi Saulter

We know that the new year brings new ideas, resolutions, and plans. School administrators and staff look back on the first half of the school year to celebrate things that are going well and to identify areas for continuous improvement. If you are considering changes in behavior support and school safety and culture, use an approach that is proactive, positive, and instructional.

Where do we start?

Every school is a complex community with multiple variables that create a unique culture and climate. Understanding this multifaceted environment is vital to a successful PBIS/MTSS implementation. Office discipline referrals and observations do not provide a complete picture of your school.

Safe & Civil Schools knows that staff members, students, and parents can contribute valuable information about school settings, situations, policies, and procedures through surveys. 

Advantages of Using Online Surveys

Surveys offer several advantages:

Is NOW a good time to administer a survey?

Safe & Civil Schools recommends administering surveys in late fall or midwinter. This timing avoids the “honeymoon period” early in the school year when everyone is still settling into the school routine. Too late in the school year is also not ideal because students and staff are typically wrapping up the school year, not thinking about current issues. And you also want to stay clear of schoolwide testing periods.

Safe & Civil Schools Climate & Safety Surveys

Research-validated Climate & Safety Surveys give schools a greater understanding of student, staff, and parent perceptions. The online surveys offer a vivid picture of climate and safety in different areas of your school and the quality of interactions between members of the school community.


Safe & Civil Schools Climate & Surveys build consensus and collaboration as data allow all stakeholders to have a voice in school improvement priorities.


Safe & Civil Schools Climate & Safety Surveys allow you to:

View the on-demand recording ofn Randy Sprick's webinar: Safe & Civil Schools Climate and Safety Surveys.

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