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Randy Sprick's Safe & Civil Schools – Practical Solutions, Positive Results!

A Checklist for Teachers

School is already in session or not far off. It's a great time of the year to set targets for your students, clarify guidelines for success, connect with families, and establish your classroom rules and routines.

To help you get off to a positive and proactive start, you may wish to use our Safe & Civil Schools checklist to review and append, or plan, your teaching of behavioral expectations.

Click this image to link to the Safe & Civil Schools Back-to-School Checklist page.

With proactive teaching, you are off to a productive year. Our best to you all!

Decision-Making: Safety, Climate, and Discipline Surveys

For years, Randy Sprick and schoolwide leadership teams (Foundations) have been analyzing survey data from staff, students, and parents to determine high priority concerns. These surveys are now online with instant reporting. At the touch of a button, instant reporting provides graphs and charts that highlight high priority behavioral concerns. For example, in one high school, surveys indicated that over 90% of staff agreed that staff treated students fairly, but only 54% of students agreed. Staff then analyzed this data by race, gender, and grade level so they could proactively address this concern.

Witchita Public Schools have been using the online TRENDS Climate and Safety surveys for two years and are set to begin their third year. Dr. Denise Seguine, Chief Academic Officer, states "Data from TRENDS surveys are used to make decisions regarding students' positive school engagement at multiple levels. At the school level, it is used to inform schoolwide and classroom practices. At the district level, it has provided the necessary data to assist with our MTSS systemic, transformational model. Our school leadership teams look forward to reviewing their school data each year with the confidence that it reflects the input of all stakeholders: students, parents, and staff.

If you are interested in the TRENDs Climate and Safety Surveys, visit Pacific Northwest Publishing.

Administrators and Leadership Teams
Supporting Classroom Management: A Three-Legged Stool

By Randy Sprick

Supporting teachers in their efforts to provide well-managed classrooms is like a three-leged stool. Randy Sprick discusses three important elements of a balanced staff development plan and tips for helping all teachers with classroom management throughout the year.

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