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Fall 2011


Dr. Ken Merrell

Dr. Ken Merrell, Professor of School Psychology and Director of the Oregon Resiliency Project at the University of Oregon, recently passed away. He leaves a legacy of scholarship, mentorship, ethics, and collegiality that represent the best of what we know in the field and in academia. Ken's teaching and research focused on the social-emotional assessment and intervention for students at-risk. His Strong Kids series, published through Guilford Press, will continue to provide lessons and inspiration to those who work directly with children. Always thinking of his graduate students, Ken requested that an endowment fund be set up through the University of Oregon for the continued support of deserving graduate students—who in turn will further Ken's passion, scholarship, ethics, and collegiallity—in research and interventions for children in need.

Ken will be missed. If you wish to contribute to the Kenneth W. Merrell Legacy Scholarship, you may do so online on the UO Foundation website.

Randy and Marilyn Sprick

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Creating Sustainability

By Randy Sprick

During trainings, people who are working in Foundations projects often approach me with a question similar to, "We've worked hard to implement schoolwide PBIS strategies in our school (or district) and are experiencing success. Our referrals are down, our teachers are happier, our students are more productive—how can we keep this trend going?"

To build sustainability into your Foundations implementation, keep several points in mind.

Sustainability requires:

These are components that you work on from the beginning in the Foundations process. Leadership teams spend time working with staff to develop a shared vision and build strong staff commitment. Maintaining the vision and sharpening commitment are easier when you train over time, coach and retrain, and keep your new staff informed about your procedures. Communication is key—keeping everybody in the loop helps sustain enthusiasm for the process. And of course, district-level commitment is completely necessary. If district administration starts down a different path, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain momentum.

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Keeping It Going!

In the preceding article, Randy discussed ideas and strategies to help you sustain a Foundations PBIS implementation. Now we'd like to tell you about two districts that have successfully done so. To paraphrase a well-known axiom, sometimes a story is worth a thousand discussions!

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