Activity: Independent seatwork while teacher is with small group


Can students engage in conversations with each other during this activity? Yes

If yes, about what? If a student has a question about work assignment.

With whom? Other students at their table.

How many students can be involved in a single conversation? Two to four students.

How long can the conversation last? About a minute, then back to silent work.


How do students get questions answered? How do students get your attention?

They should try to get answer without teacher help, but if no one at table can help, then come and stand in "Question Box."

If students have to wait for help, what should they do while they wait?

Stand quietly in the square.


What is the expected end product of this activity? (Note: This may vary from day to day.)

Students will complete seatwork packet; when done can go to book or science learning center.


Can students get out of their seats during the activity? Yes

If yes, acceptable reasons include:

Pencil yes     Restroom yes

Drink yes     Hand in/pick up materials yes

Other: If they have a question, can come to "Question Box."

Do they need permission from you? No


What behaviors show that students are participating fully and responsibly?

Looking at paper, writing or coloring. Talking with tablemate while looking at paper.

What behaviors show that a student is not participating?

Talking without looking at paper. Staring out window. Wandering around room.