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Presentations Across the Country by Randy Sprick and Associates

Of the many presentations and workshops offered by Randy Sprick and Safe & Civil Schools associates, those listed below may accept public registration.

Please note that registration at each of the following events may be limited and/or may involve a fee. Contact the agency listed under each event for more information and availability.

The Third Quest online training
AUGUST 10-12, 2020

Marilyn Sprick trains you how to teach The Third Quest curriculum with fidelity and high success. This comprehensive (vs. targeted) intervention program provides instruction in vocabulary, word study, fluency, content knowledge (the scientific method and ancient history), comprehension, and study skills.

Learn to Love Dealing With Challenging Behavior and Bring Joy to Your Classroom

If you couldn't attend our Virtual National Conference, you can still view Dr. Randy Sprick's opening keynote.

Drawing from almost five decades focused on behavior management, Randy provides ten specific tips for maintaining your equilibrium as a professional while implementing common-sense behavior support strategies.

During this fun and energizing session, you will have a chance to reflect on and celebrate your strengths as a behavior manager while also setting some goals for professional growth. Implement these ten ideas to bring joy to being a teacher.


With schools closed to help address the COVID-19 crisis, educators and families are being asked to tackle a new and different learning experience. Safe & Civil Schools developed several free webinars to help you adapt to this new reality.