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Kris Terry-Key is the Senior Director of African American Achievement and Equity for Green Dot Public Schools, CA. While earning her B.A. in Political Science at UC Berkeley, Kris became an Upward Bound tutor, and her lifelong dedication to ensuring educational equity and justice for marginalized youth was ignited.

Over her 25-year career as an educator, the title and position she is most proud of is teacher. Mrs. Terry-Key served as a high school history teacher in both Compton and Inglewood, CA. Upon earning her M.A. in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University, she became a lead teacher at the Small School of Arts and Technology in Compton.

Since joining Green Dot Public Schools, Kris has served as high school principal in East Los Angeles and a middle school principal in South Los Angeles. Additionally, she spent over 10 years in the role of Director of New Teacher Development, igniting in young professionals that same lifelong commitment to positively impacting the lives of underserved children of color through teaching and learning that has guided her work. In her current role,

Mrs. Terry-Key is committed to interrupting practices and beliefs that perpetuate disproportionately negative social and academic outcomes for African American students and amplifying the assets and brilliance all Black children bring to school.