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Bob McLaughlin

Photo, Bob McLaughlin

•••Professional Experience

Bob McLaughlin has worked in areas of Special Education since he began his career serving as a VISTA teacher in Galveston, Texas.

When he moved to Lexington, Kentucky, he continued teaching children and youth with emotional and behavior disorders. After a few years, he became Principal of Fayette School and then moved into a leadership position in the district as the Coordinator of EBD Special Education Programs. Bob currently serves as the Director of Elementary Schools II for Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington.

•••Safe & Civil Schools Affiliation

Bob's extensive knowledge of the behavioral needs of students, gathered over his many years working with children with emotional and behavioral disorders, makes him an ideal candidate to work with us.

He is qualified to present:

In his role as Director of Elementary Schools II, Bob is currently working with several elementary schools on CHAMPs and related management strategies. He is also implementing Administrator's Desk Reference material with all elementary school principals, all Professional Staff Assistants, and several Kentucky administrators.


M.A. in Special Education/Emotional Disturbance, University of Kentucky

Ed.S. in Special Education/Education Administration, University of Kentucky