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Susan Isaacs

Photo, Susan Isaacs

•••Professional Experience

Susan Isaacs began her career in education teaching children with emotional and behavior disorders. For over 17 years, she worked with this student population in both elementary and secondary schools.

In 1994, she took a position as a behavior consultant for the Kentucky Behavior Consultant Network, which evolved into the Model Schools Program: Kentucky Behavior Initiative, and later the Kentucky Instructional Discipline and Supports (K.I.D.S.) project. In this role, she worked with school teams throughout the state guiding the implementation of schoolwide positive discipline policies.

Several years ago, Susan founded Behavioral Solutions, a company that allows her to continue her work with schools as an educational consultant.

•••Safe & Civil Schools Affiliation

Susan has a comprehensive understanding of all SCS materials and is a trainer for:

Currently, she is working with educators in our Large District Implementations focusing on schoolwide initiatives.


M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Scranton