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TRENDS® Climate & Safety Surveys from Dr. Randy Sprick

You are developing your school improvement plan. Imagine how valuable it would be if you could interview all of your staff, students, and parents to find out how they feel about safety, student-to-student respect, staff-to-student respect and fairness, consistency, clarity of expectations, amount and type of bullying, and more.

Imagine if you could get this information about each different school location, each major policy, and varying types of misbehavior.

Research-validated TRENDS Climate & Safety Surveys make this kind of information easy to collect and use. These online surveys are included in TRENDS, but are also available separately. Collectively, the surveys provide a window into the perceptions of staff, students, and parents and offer you an opportunity to do even more!

For instance, using TRENDS Climate & Safety Surveys, you can:

The following chart shows a sample from one REAL school using the surveys over a three year period.

Survey results over a period of three years -- selected data.

Things are improving at this school because staff found the data they needed to target hot spots quickly, and they could monitor their interventions over time to ensure that they stayed on course.

If you want more information about how TRENDS Climate & Safety Surveys can help with your improvement efforts, call Pacific Northwest Publishing at 1-866-542-1490.

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