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TRENDS Climate and Safety Surveys

The TRENDS® Climate & Safety Surveys from Dr. Randy Sprick help you collect, manage, and use data to drive the decisions you must make to implement effective behavioral RTI and guide your school improvement efforts. Until recently, this powerful tool has been offered exclusively through the TRENDS Data Management System. Now it is available as a stand-alone instrument to measure staff, student, and parent perceptions of your school climate.

TRENDS Surveys meet the three basic criteria that any good survey incorporates:

The surveys have been tested in a variety of settings over the past 30 years and accurately and consistently measure stakeholder perceptions of school climate and safety.

Researchers have used surveys to gather information since the 1930s. They are relatively easy to give, can be administered across a variety of modes (online, by phone, in person, by mail, and so forth), and can collect a wide range of information on a variety of subjects, including changes in school environment. In its user-friendly online format, TRENDS Surveys make collecting data easy, quick, and practical.

Collecting data is one side of the coin. Then there is the analysis of it—the extraction of meaningful data that drives the decision-making process. When surveys have been completed, school administration and leadership teams have access to a series of reports, making it easy to identify the problems stakeholders are concerned about. Custom filters can be applied to track and analyze data by:

Informative graphs and charts make it easy to access and disseminate data.

Using information from TRENDS Surveys, a leadership team can develop behavioral improvement plans based on assessment of staff, student, and parent survey data. TRENDS Surveys provide information a team can use to analyze its strengths and weaknesses in:

TRENDS Surveys enable staff to determine improvement priorities and explore the discrepancies that can occur between stakeholders. For instance, when common-area survey results indicate that only 48.4% students and 50% of staff feel safe in the hallways, while 82% of students and 94% of staff feel safe in the cafeteria, a leadership team might decided to focus improvement efforts on hallways by increasing supervision, teaching expectations, and restructuring hallway procedures. Likewise, when there is a 38% discrepancy between students and staff in the staff-student interactions results (e.g., kindness to students, fair treatment of students, help from staff), staff might want to reevaluate variables that affect interactions (e.g., responses by ethnicity, referrals by type, ratios of interactions).

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, has said, "Part of the problem is that people don't know how to read data, how to sift through it or understand it, and that's really a challenge for all of us." TRENDS Climate & Safety Surveys can help staff address that challenge.

Use TRENDS Climate & Safety Surveys for ongoing school improvement. Identify, celebrate, and prioritize. Develop and agree on an Improvement Plan. Evaluate results—and sustain momentum!

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