Safe & Civil Schools Overview
Randy Sprick conducting a professional development workshop for educators.

Our Founder, Dr. Randy Sprick

Testimonial on Dr. Randy Sprick from Dr. Don Deshler.

Dr. Randy Sprick has dedicated more than 40 years to developing, advocating, and propagating proactive, positive, and instructional strategies across the nation. With his associates, he has refined decades of research-based best practice into practical, easy-to-use principles and procedures that encourage student responsibility and motivation while humanely and effectively helping misbehaving students learn to behave more responsibly.

Each year, Dr. Sprick presents to over 25,000 educators throughout the United States and Canada. He is a much-sought-after expert whose books and inservice training help teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and other educators understand and effectively implement positive behavior interventions and supports.

As the primary author for Safe & Civil Schools, Dr. Sprick has produced numerous articles, books, and multimedia resources that assist school personnel in dealing with issues of discipline and classroom management. As the lead consultant for Safe & Civil Schools, he continues to work toward his goal of improving school cultures and climates and enabling teachers and students to thrive.

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In Professional Development, Experience Counts

For more than 30 years, Safe & Civil Schools consultants have partnered with schools around the country to improve school climates, address the social-emotional learning needs of students, and design effective, customized professional development plans. Our training empowers staff to establish positive conditions for learning.

Testimonial on Safe & Civil Schools Training from Dr. Denise Sequine.

We can help you and your staff:

Our interactive workshops are conducted by dynamic educators with direct experience in implementing the Safe & Civil Schools Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) model.

Registered with NREPP

Studies reviewed indicate that schools using the Safe & Civil Schools PBIS Model demonstrate significant and positive outcomes for:

  1. Improving academic achievement
  2. Reducing school suspensions
  3. Curtailing classroom disruption
  4. Fostering teachers' professional self-efficacy
  5. Improving school discipline procedures

NREPP listing provides external assurance about the quality of research behind Safe & Civil Schools resources, offering peace of mind for administrators and school board members who want to ensure that their investment will produce immediate and lasting returns that contribute to increased learning and improved behavior outcomes for all students.

Endorsed by CASE


At Safe & Civil Schools, we have long felt that our products and services are beneficial in both the special education and general education arenas. We are honored by this endorsement and delighted to partner with CASE in an ongoing effort to improve our schools.

Proven effective

Safe & Civil Schools services are built upon a solid and significant body of valid, high-quality research. Peer-reviewed research articles that report consistent positive outcomes from Safe & Civil Schools PBIS Model implementation include:

Ward, B., & Gersten, R. (2013). A randomized evaluation of the Safe and Civil Schools Model for positive behavioral interventions and supports at elementary schools in a large urban school district. School Psychology Review, 42, 317–333.
In a randomized wait-list control trial, one year of Safe & Civil Schools implementation was associated with statistically significant reductions in rates of misbehavior, bullying, and suspensions compared with control schools.

Smolkowski, K., Strycker, L., & Ward, B. (2016). Scale-up of Safe & Civil Schools’ model for school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports. Psychology in the Schools, 53, 339–358.
Four years of Safe & Civil Schools implementation in a large urban school district resulted in steady improvements in school discipline, student safety policy and training, staff perceptions of student behavior, and suspension and chronic tardiness rates.

Madigan, K., Cross, R. W., Smolkowski, K., & Strycker, L. A. (2016). Association between schoolwide positive behavioural interventions and supports and academic achievement: A 9-year evaluation. Educational Research and Evaluation, 1–20.
Sustained implementation of the Safe & Civil Schools PBIS Model was significantly associated with increased student academic achievement across nine years.

24th Annual National Conference

Join Safe & Civil Schools this summer to learn how to create and maintain a full continuum of behavior support so that every student is successful no matter the level of need. The Safe & Civil Schools multi-tiered system of behavior support (MTSS) addresses all students’ needs with a system of overlapping tiers of support, so there are no gaps and no student falls through the cracks.


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