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Upcoming Events

•••Safe & Civil Schools National Conference

Every summer we sponsor our annual Safe & Civil Schools National Conference.

During this four-day event, we offer seminars on a variety of topics. Some sessions are designed for those who are currently implementing Safe & Civil Schools programs and want to refresh or expand their focus.

Others are geared toward the educator who has no experience with Safe & Civil Schools materials, but wants more information about our programs and how they can help create safer, more civil schools.

More information about this summertime event can be found on the National Conference page.


Join Anita Archer for the 5-day Explicit Instruction Academy Training of Trainers this June in Portland, Oregon. Equip your teachers with effective strategies to increase engagement and improve learning.

•••Third Quest/Read Well training

Marillyn Sprick will offer a June workshop on teaching the Read Well program.

Learn more about upcoming training opportunities for The Third Quest reading intervention here.

•••Public Presentations

Many of the presentations that Randy Sprick and associates give across the country are sponsored by a particular school or school district. However, on occasion these presentations will be open to the public.

Visit the Public Presentations page to find a list of these events with dates, times, speakers, topics, and contact information.