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Safe & Civil Schools Trainers

All Safe & Civil Schools trainers are educators with extensive experience as teachers and trainers (and in some cases as building and central office administrators). Their backgrounds and experience ensure training that has both credibility and a "You-can-use-this-tomorrow" practicality. In addition, each of these individuals is an experienced presenter who knows how to make discipline and behavior support training usable, entertaining, and fun for participants.

Photo, Randy Sprick Photo, Mike Booher Photo, Mike Booher

Randy Sprick

Tricia Berg

Mike Booher

Photo, Mickey Garrison Photo, Mickey Garrison Photo, Laura Hamilton

Jacob Edwards


Laura Hamilton

Photo, Andrea Hanford Photo, Jane Harris Photo, Kathy Hoes

Andrea Hanford

Jane Harris

Kathy Hoes

Photo, Susan Isaacs Photo, Donna Meers Photo, Carolyn Novelly

Susan Isaacs

Donna Meers

Carolyn Novelly

Photo, Susan Schilt Photo, Karl Schleich Photo, Tricia Skyles

Susan Schilt

Karl Schleich

Tricia McKale Skyles

Photo, Frank Smith Photo, Pat Somers Photo, Jessica Sprick

Frank Smith

Pat Somers

Jessica Sprick

Photo, Tom Stacho Photo, Elizabeth Winford

Tom Stacho

Elizabeth Winford